Brookfields Hillside Syrah 2001

This wine was pretty good on release but it’s aged to be even better. Some won’t like this because it’s more ‘French’ Syrah than ‘Aussie’ Shiraz… but I do – a lot. Chocolate and mixed black and white pepper on the nose. Palate is dark smoky chocolate, spicy pepper (more white than black but matched to the fruit) and smooth vanilla tannins with dark plums. Finishes with fruit sweetness and dark chocolate. 13.5% alc but it’s all – still! – in balance. Fades in the glass with oak showing through so drink up over the next year or two. A latter bottle did not show so well.

Meeanee, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

18/20 [tasted 09-01-2011]

Bought cellar door. Stored in a cool spare room. Fairly expensive at the time with a RRP of $50, but I doubt Peter Robertson spared much expense – as this bottle proved.


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